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Hollow coil working principle and purpose

Inductance is using the principle of electromagnetic induction to work. Self-adhesive hollow coil when a current flows through a wire coil self-adhesive, it will have a certain degree of self-adhesive coil electromagnetic field around this conductor, and the electromagnetic field of the wire itself and will lead in the electromagnetic field within this range occurred induction hollow coil generating an electromagnetic field effects of self-adhesive hollow coil wire itself has a right, called 'self-inductance', that changes the current conductor generates varying magnetic field generated by their own hollow coil, this further affects the magnetic field current in the wire; the role of the voice coil in which a range of other electromagnetic field generated by the wire pair, called 'mutual'.

Inductor and capacitor electrical characteristics contrary, 'blocking high-frequency, low-pass' will meet strong resistance when a high frequency signal that is to say through the inductor coil, difficult to pass; while the low frequency signal when it presented the resistance is relatively small, i.e., low-frequency signals can be more easily through it. inductor DC resistance of almost zero. Voice coil resistance, capacitance and inductance, the electrical circuit for their streaming audio coil movement will show some resistance, this resistance we call 'impedance' inductor current signal impedance presented makes use of a self-winding sense of inductor sometimes we call it the 'inductor' or 'coil', the letter 'L' represents when the inductance coil winding, number of turns of the coil around we generally call it the coil 'turns' .

1. SMD coils Uses: Widely used in the common mode filter, multi-frequency transformer, the transformer impedance, balanced and unbalanced converter transformer, EMI noise suppression of electronic equipment, personal computers and peripherals USB line, liquid crystal display panels, low pressure differential signal, remote-control car keys and so on.

2. Fixed inductors include: ring-type coil, choke coils, common mode coil, ferrite beads, power inductors with SMD and pin type to choose. Widely used on the Internet, telecommunications, computer, AC power and peripherals.

3. closed magnetic surface mount power inductors high-current characteristics and uses: ideal inductor DC-DC converters, high power, high saturation inductance, DC resistance, suitable for high current, loaded or and reel packaging for automatic surface mount, power supply used in VCR, VCR power supply, LCD televisions, notebook computers, office automation equipment, mobile communications equipment, DC / DC converters.

4. RF inductor Uses: Widely used in mobile phones, VCO, TCXO circuit and RF transceiver modules, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth module, communications equipment, LCD TV, camera, notebook, inkjet printing table machines, copiers, display monitors, game consoles, color TV, VCR, CD-ROM, video cameras, digital cameras, automotive electronics products.