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Proper maintenance to reduce the electromagnetic coil failure problems solenoid

Use of any product will be some failures, and the solenoid is no exception. An electromagnetic coil that people should not be surprised that this product in the industrial production is very important. The use of electromagnetic coils will bring great convenience, but if one fails, it will become a negative impact on the electromagnetic coil, maintenance attention.

1 is necessary to detect the electromagnetic coil voltage. Coil voltage 90% of rated voltage in attracting AC contactor solenoid, solenoid, work, do not need to worry too much.

2 electromagnetic coil when used, need to check the condition of overheating, overheating will occur if the external aging, discoloration, if this occurs, noise may be due to short-circuit the ramp needs to be replaced to prevent accidents.

3, the lead member and the rubbing line solenoid also need to check whether the open welding or disconnected if there is an exception must be timely maintenance.

Appropriate solenoid maintenance is very important, it can reduce the failure to avoid damage.