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Development of wireless charger coil

Development of wireless charger coil

For the consumer market, magnetic induction (Magnetic Induction, abbreviated MI) or MRI (Magnetic Resonant, abbreviated MR) are alternatives. No matter which direction the development of the consumer market, a well-known fact that the wireless charger coil is bound to be adopted. In the main push mobile phone providers, wireless charger coil will begin to penetrate the mobile phone market ecosystem. Computing has strong ecosystem will follow, so that the use of wireless charging technology into the next phase of growth. Thereafter, the wireless power technology is likely to be extended to support mobile phones and computing infrastructure solutions are. The future of architecture and how to use wireless solutions in power technology, these applications will only be a beginning.

On magnetic induction technology is concerned, there are two popular specification: Wireless Power Consortium (Wireless Power Consortium, referred WPC) and Power Services Union (Power Matters Alliance, referred to as PMA). Both specifications are quite mature, many products are now used in the consumer market. Wireless Power Consortium (Alliance for Wireless Power, referred A4WP) is the first technical specification based on magnetic resonance. These specifications and solutions have caused a number of questions, for example, wireless power technology will be which direction? What use is the best solution?

Mobile devices

Convenience is one of the key factors prompting consumer mobile solutions first use of wireless technology solutions. Phone, tablet, media player, mobile TV and other mobile devices require different a different variety of interface connector adapter, which means that in order to charge the mobile device, we need to carry a lot of different connectors and adapters. Has a strong support infrastructure and ecosystems universal wireless adapter, you can address these needs. Wireless charging in the car, coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, trains, aircraft, units, it will meet the required convenience.