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Of the inductor coil

Self-adhesive coil parts of the company in 2003, IC card access control production of various types of adhesive induction coil, the coil, the coil, the coil plane coil, stickers, and other all hollow coil, coil, coil solar swing, wireless charger, the phone vibrates motor coil, the coil antenna coil, the coil circuit, consumer electronics, toys, industrial products, RFID, industrial control and other fields. Tuning and frequency selectivity of the self-adhesive coils, inductors and capacitors in parallel may consist lc circuit. Natural oscillation frequency f0 circuit and the AC signal frequency f is equal, equal loop impedance and capacitance, and the electromagnetic energy in the inductance and capacitance, vibrating back and forth, lc resonance circuit. When the harmonic impedance of the circuit and the capacitance and reverse, the equivalent of the total minimum impedance circuit current, maximum current (f = "f0" AC signal), the role of lc resonant circuit can be selected frequency communication signals in a certain frequency f is selected.

Choke coil

Self-induced emf and the inductor current change is always self-adhesive coils. AC inductor effect, the effect according to the size of the inductor xl in ohms. Relationship and exchanges with inductance l frequency f xl = 2πfl, inductance can be divided into high and low frequency choke coil choking. Our coils are not strange, because we can see it in everyday life, which for us are quite familiar with, but we still need to pay special attention to use of the process, because this is likely to cause excessive current big.